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Artist information

Born in 1980 in the middle of Sweden

Pontus Ersbacken Gallery



HDK STENEBY Göteborgs University:
MASTER degree Iron and steel/ public figuration.. Järn / Stål offentlig gestaltning 2008
BATCHELOR Iron and steel/ public figuration.. Järn & Stål/ offentlig gestaltning 2006
Gotlands Artschool, sculpture 2001-2003


Global Stone Workshop: marble and limestone
Italy Carrara och Volterra
KKV Burgsvik Gotland Sweden: Stenfestivalen


Kunstmaand Ameland Netherlands -2009
Mimers Hus Kungälv -2009
Röhsska museet Göteborg -2008
Engelsbergs skulpturpark -2008
Järnboden Hargshamn -2008
Enköpings park å-promenaden -2007
Konsthantverkarna Karlstad -2007
Waldemars Udde Stockholm -2006
Signera Dalsland -2006
Botaniska Trädgården Göteborg -2005
Skulpturens hus Stockholm -2005
Högskolan "Robot" Visby -2004


Skulpture ”Evolution” Bengtsfors + kommuns utvecklingscentrum
Skulpture ”Li konstgaller” Brunbäcks Herrgård
Skulpture Avesta kommun

Eric Ericsson stipendiet 2008
Peters stipendium 2008
Avesta kommuns Kulturstipendium 2005

Presentation: curiosity, playfulness, innovation
Pontus is a metal and stone sculpture maker of big proportions with lots of sci-fi references. From detailed sketches with animalistic robotic character, he then approaches the hard material and then cut it with precision. The inspiration comes from a wide variety of multimedia, scenes such as movies, games and Japanese pop culture.
The sculpture idea for public areas has its roots within the modern phase and what the next generation might contribute to the society. A fiction world for you to play with and to interact with. Making monuments for the new generation.


Pontus Ersbacken
tel. +226 30554
mobil. +70 2447609
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