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Artist information

Born in Bulgaria-1967

Petre Petrov Gallery



2004-2007- Ph.D.Candidate, National Academy of Fine Arts, Bulgaria
1996-1998- M.A. Sculpture, National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia
1992-1996- B.A. Sculpture, National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia


Member of the French Union of Sculptors and Plastic Artists, Paris
Member of the Bulgarian Artists'Union-Affliated to the
International Association of Art IAA/UNESCO
Member of the Kinetic Art Organization, Florida USA


2007-Collective Sculpure Exhibition, Velvet Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2006-Sculpture Exhibition, Daegu Fine Arts Association Gallery,Daegu, Korea
2005-Collective Sculpture Exhibition,"San Vicente",Castilla_A,Spain
2005-Collective Sculpture Exhibition,Sala la Ermita,Castilla_T,Spain
2005-Miyazaki International Sculpture Exhibition, Japan
2005-International Exhibition-Ram Chhatpar Shilp Nyas,India
2004-Sculpture Exhibition-Metro Hall, Toronto City Hall and
Varley Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2004-National Sculpture Exhibition,Sofia,Bulgaria
2003-First KAO Virtual Art Exhibition
2003-Sculpture Exhibition,Museumsgalerie Tarrenz,Austria
2002-National Sculpture Exhibition, Sofia , Bulgaria
2002-"The Exhibition of GeumGang Nature Art Project",Korea
2002-Biennial of the small forms , Pleven and Sofia ,Bulgaria
2002-Sculpture Exhibition,European Museum of Stone,Bayern,Germany
2000-National Exhibition,Sculpture,Sofia,Bulgaria
2000-National Exhibition,Painting,Sofia,Bulgaria
1999-International Collective Exhibition,Saint Martin Tower,Belgium
1998-National Exhibition"The Picture"Sofia,Bulgaria
1998-Sculpture Exhibition,Museum Joao Fragoso,Portugal
1998-National Exhibition of sculpture and drawing,Sofia,Bulgaria
1997-National Sculpture Exhibition,Sofia,Bulgaria
1996-International Triennial of Painting,Sofia ,Bulgaria
1996-General Sculpture Exhibition,Sofia,Bulgaria
1994-Autumn Art Exhibition,Sofia,Bulgaria

Sculpture Symposiums

2007-International Sculpture symposium, Dubai
2007-International Sculpture symposium, Guatemala ,Invitation
2006-International Sculpture symposium, Kuwait
2006-International Sculpture symposium,Cyprus
2006-International Sculpture Symposium , Castilla_LC,Spain
2006-Gare Art Festival, Luxembourg
2006-Young Artists Biennale & Sculpture symposium, Korea
2006-International Sculpture symposium, Malatya, Turkey
2006-International Sculpture symposium,Taiwan,
2005-International Sculpture Symposium , Bahrain
2005-International Granite Sculpture Symposium,Korea
2005-International Sculpture Symposium , Castilla_A,Spain,
2005-International Sculpture Symposium , Castilla_T,Spain,
2005-International Stone Sculpture Symposium ,Dubai
2005-International Sculpture Symposium ,Varanasi,India
2004-International Stone sculpture symposium,Ankara,Turkey
2004-International Sculpture Symposium ,Arnstadt,Germany
2004-International Stone sculpture symposium,Bramming,Denmark
2004-International sculpture symposium,Normandy,France
2004-International sculpture symposium Condrieu,France
2004-International sculpture symposium,San Martino,Italia
2004-Ice sculpture symposium, Sofia,Bulgaria
2003- International Stone Sculpture Symposium Istanbul, Turkey
2003- Inrernational Sculpture Symposium,Salvesen, Austria
2003- International Sculpture Symposium ,Wales, UK
2003- Stone Sculpture Symposium ,Sozopol, Bulgaria
2003- International Granit Sculpture Symposium,Burkina Faso, Africa
2003-Inrernational Sculpture Symposium,Valloire,France
2002-Open Air Sculpture Symposium , Plovdiv , Bulgaria
2002-International Stone Sculpture Symposium Wunsiedel, Germany
2002-Int.Sculpture Symposium Markneukirchen,Vogtland, Germany
2001-International Sculpture Symposium,Aubazine,France
2001-International Granite Sculpture Symposium in Budduso.Italy
2001-International Sculpture Symposium in Kemijarvi, Finland
2000-International Sculpture Symposium,Livigno,Italy
2000-International Sculpture Symposium,Annot,France
2000-International Sculpture Symposium,Plovdiv,Bulgaria
1999-International Granite Sculpture Symposium,KERCAL,Belgium
1999-International Stone Sculpture Symposium,Guilin, China
1999-International Sculpture Symposium,Valloire,France
1998-International Sculpture Symposium"SIMPPETRA",Portugal


2002-3.Prize-International Sculpture Symposium,Sachsen,Germany
1998-Reward for young author in sculpture class,
Awarded by the Bulgarian Artists'Union
1995-The award in sculpture of the
National Academy of Fine Arts,Sofia,Bulgaria
1995-Scholarship in sculpture by the
National Academy of Fine Arts,Sofia,Bulgaria

Monumental Public Works

2006-Taiwan Kaoshiung University
2006-Manama National Art Museum, Bahrain
2005-Dubai Emmar Group of Companies
2005-Korea World open park of the ceramics
2005-Spain Municipality of T, Castilla
2005-Spain Open Air Museum Castilla_A
2005 -India Ram Chhatpar Shilp Nyas,India
2004- Turkey, Marble,Hachettepe University
2003-UK Wood- Caerleon, Wales
2003-Turkey, Marble-Buyukcekmece gulf,Istanbul
2003-Africa , Granit-Sculpture Vilage,Laongo
2002-Bulgaria, Marble-English College,Plovdiv
2002-Germany, Kalkstain-Museum of Stone,Wunsiedel
2002-Germany, Wood- Vogtland, Plauen
2001-France, Metal,Bronze-Municipality of Tulle
2001-Italy, Granite -Budusso Museum of Stone
2001-Finlnd, Wood- Kemijarvi Sculpture Park
2000-France, Stone-Sculpture in Alps
2000-Bulgaria, Marble-Plovdiv Central Park
1999-Belgium, Stone- Saint Martin Sculpture Park
1999-China, Marble-Yuzi Paradise Center,Yanshan
1998-Portugal, Stone-Museum Antonio Duarte

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