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Artist information

1948 Born in Miyakonojo,Japan.

Ogata Yoshin Gallery



1969 Tokyo, Shinseisaku-kyoukai,first sculpture exhibition
1971~75 Studied Sculpture at the National Fine Art Academy, Milan, Florence, Rome, Carrara in Italy.
1973 Florence, personal exhibition of sculpture in the Foreign Artists hall of Strozzi Palace.
1980 Osaka, Daimaru Gallery, first personal exhibition in Japan.
1983 Mechelen, Belgium, personal exhibition at De Zalm Museum patronized by the Japanese Embassy.
1985 Genoa, personal exhibition, titled Water imprint at Studio Bonifacio, associated with
Japan Future avant guarde organized by the City of Genoa and the Japan Foundation of Tokyo.
1986 Monumental works with Carrara white marble in Soltau and Bliescastel, West-Germany.
Tuoro di Trasimeno(Perugia-Italy),monumental work column, Water trace, in serena sand stone,
For the sculpture's architecture Sunfield coordinated by E.Crispolti.
14 th Biennale del bronzetto Padua, Italy.
1990 Personal exhibition, Amarillerys Gallery, Bruxelles.
Personal exhibition Art Museum Ginza, Tokyo.
Anthology personal exhibition, Grottammare,Italy
1991 International Art Show, JAB Gallery, Tokyo.
Personal exhibition Ravagnan Arte, Venice,Italy
Art Fair, Bologna,Italy.
1991 Personal exhibition Daimaru Gallery, Osaka, Japan
Personal exhibition International Werkcentrum, Zeist, Holland.
Personal exhibition Kunstzaal de Hog Hees, Eersel, Holland.
1994 Personal exhibition Cau-Sera Gallery, Tossa de Mar, Spain.
Personal exhibition Akasaka Yu Gallery,Tokyo
1995 Personal exhibition Arte Dama Gallery Taragona, Spain.
Personal exhibition Sports Center M.Rigamonti in Buffalora Brescia、Italy.
1996 Personal exhibition Arte Borgogna Gallery Milan, Italy.
1997 Personal exhibition Asaka Yu Gallery, Tokyo.
1999 Personal exhibitíon at Malaspina Castle organized by City of Massa and Prefecture of Massa, Italy.
Personal exhibition Artexpo, Art Dama Galery, Barcelona, Spain
Personal exhibiton Venus Gallery, Hualien, Taiwan.
2000 Personal exhibition in lounge of the Japanese consulate Milan, Italy.
2001 Personal exhibition of sculpture works, Miyakonojo City Art Museum, Japan.
2003 International Sculpture Exhibition,Pagani Foundation Modern Art Museum Castellanza, Italy.
5th edtionTorano Night and Day Installation, Carrara
2004 Solo Exhibition in Venezia Correr Palace, Rumanian Institute of Cultnre & Humanistic Reseach, curator Claudio Giumelli.
HOMAGE TO FRANCESCO Sculpture exhibition Basilica of San Francesco Assisi.
Group exhibition Joan Planellas Art Gallery Tossa de Mar, Spain.
2005 Individual Exhibition La Galerie de la Cathedrale Fribourg, Switzerland
2006 Individual Exhibition Joan Planellas Art Gallery, Tossa de Mar, Spain.
2007 Monumental Sculpture, title Mindscape, Artist in residence, Coral Springs Museum of Art, Florida, USA
2007 Individual Exhibition Foundation Abbazia di Rosazzo, Udine, Italy.
2008 Realized monumental sculpture FIVE RINGS for the Beijing Olympic Park, China.
2008 participated in China Art Festival (Guangrao) with "Water & Fire" sculpture in Chinese grey Granite.
2009 Realized monumental sculpture DREAM'S ROAD in black granite at Urumqi-Xinjiang(China) for the International Urban Sculpture Creation Camp.
Damascus International Sculpture Symposium(Siria)
2010 Aswan International Sculpture Symposium(Egypt)
Abu Dhabi International Sculpture Symposium(UAE)
Tanshang International Sculpture Symposium(China)
Taizhou International Sculpture Symposium(China)
* Member of Rome A.I.A.M. Academy (Italy)
* Member of Carrara TORRE Academy (Italy)
* Member of Florence Fine Art Academy of Drawing (Italy)


1976 1st Prize Brunelleschi International Sculpture Concur, Florence.
1979 1st Prize International Sculpture Symposium, Carrara,Italy.
1987 1st Prize International Sculpture Symposium, France,Digne les Bains
1990 Winner of the 2nd edition Sculpture Prize P. Fazzini with an anthologic exhibition at the Kursaal Palace" , Grottammare, Ascoli.Pic. Italy.
1991 Gran Prix Cosmos Common, Iizuka, Japan.
1992 Architecture and Culture Prize, Kagoshima, Japan.
1995 1st Prize for Sculpture Etruriarte, Venturina, Italy.
1995 Culture Prize, Miyakonojo, Japan
1998 Gran Prix for Land Mark Project, Hualien, Taiwan.
2000 1st Prize Sulmona Prize, International Contemporary Art exhibition, Sulmona, Italy.
2007 Outstanding Award of sculpture Beijing Olympic Sculpture Park, China.
2008 Culture Prize of Fine Art Academy of Torre, Carrara Italy Public collections and Private

Monumental Works

1. Museo d'Arte Mechelen,Belgium
2. Pagani Modern Art Museum, Castellanza, Italy
3. Art Museum, Miyakonojo , Japan
4. Marble Museum, Carrara,Italy
5. Forum Artis Museum Montese, Italy
6. Science Technological Museum,monumental sculpture SUIJIN, Miyazaki, Japan
7. Severi Foundation, WATER WAYS, Pozza di Maranello, Italy
8.Cremonini collection, monumental sculpture SUNRISE, Modena, Italy
9. Muju Sports Center, WATER COLUMN, South Korea
10.Cosmos Common Culture Center, HOLLY TREE, Iizuka, Japan
12. Mt.Besaide,Monument ORIGIN OF LIFE, Mon Dragon, Bask, Spain
13. Miyazaki Sangyou Keiei University, monument FLYING WATER, Miyakonojo, Japan
14. Hachioji Rail Station, monument WATER MARK, Tokyo, Japan
15. Raifukudai New Residencial zone, monument WATER MARK, Mine, Japan
16. Tenmonkan Higo Family Bank Bldg., fountain sculpture MERMAID, Kagoshima, Japan
17. Ishida Mitsunari Memorial Park, monument TIME and SPACE, Sekigahara, Japan
18. Miyazaki Airport, monument SUN, Miyazaki city, Japan
19. Walking Road, fountain sculpture WATER WAYS,Miyakonojo, Japan
20. City Hall, monument CURRENT OF WATER, Digne les Bains, France
21.Rotary, monument WAVE, FLYING WATER, Canet en Roscione, France
22. Youth Center,monument WATER SHAPE, Roan, France
23. Sport Center,monument OH SOLE MIO,Norma, France
24. Rotary in Normandy,monument SUN, Cerisy La Foret, France
25. Miyanomori Church, monument DUO, Sapporo, Japan
26. Yuzi Paradise Sculpture Park, sculpture SUN REY, Guilin, China
27. Shanghai Yue Yuan Yuan Sculpture Park, monumental sculpture WATER WAYS, China
28. S.Maria di Costantinopoli Church, ALTAR, BAPTISTRY, PULPIT, CEREMONIAL CHAIR, ACQUASANTIERA. Angri, Salerno, Italy

Public and Private Collection

Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, U.S.A, China, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary、Albania, U.E.A, Switzerland, Rumania

Commission Works

1 Science Technological Museum, monumental sculpture SUIJIN, Miyazaki, Japan
2 Severi Foundation , WATER WAYS, Pozza di Maranello, Italy
3 Cremonini collection, monumental sculpture SUNRISE, 38hx8x27ft Modena, Italy
4 Cosmos Common Culture Center, HOLLY TREE, Iizuka, Japan
5 Mt.Besaide, Monument ORIGIN OF LIFE, 20hx33x33ft for Alpinism federation, Mon Dragon, Basque, Spain
6 Miyazaki Sangyou Keiei University, monument FLYING WATER, Miyakonojo, Japan
7 Tenmonkan Higo Family Bank Bldg., fountain sculpture MERMAID, Kagoshima, Japan
8 Miyazaki Airport, monument SUN, Miyazaki city, Japan
9 Takagibaru Walking Road, fountain sculpture WATER WAYS, 18hx27x333ft, Miyakonojo, Japan
10 Miyanomori Church, monument DUO, Sapporo, Japan
11 S.Maria di Costantinopoli Church, AlTAR, BAPTISTRY, PULPIT, CEREMONIAL CHAIR, ACQUASANTIERA, Angri, Salerno, Italy

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